• About 15

    Promoted by Complete College Georgia, 15 to Finish is a proven advisement, retention, progression, and graduation initiative which encourages students to take 15 credits per semester to graduate faster and spend less money on the undergraduate collegiate experience. The University System of Georgia seeks to create a system culture where taking 15+ credit hours each semester is the new normal for students enrolled in college in the state of Georgia.

  • Why 15?

    15 to Finish is a proven way of getting students graduated on time and out in the world as a “degreed” individual. This is important because a 2002 study showed individuals with a Bachelor’s degree could expect to earn 75 percent more over their lifetime than high school graduates. Today, that premium is 84 percent.
    • By 2020, 60 percent of jobs will require a career certificate or college degree.
    • Currently, only 42 percent of Georgia adults have an Associate’s degree or higher.
    • There is a 27 percent skills gap for Georgia residents.
    • Students, parents, and public financial aid programs end up paying more for a degree when students have to enroll in more semesters.
    • Students lose out on a year of employment and income if they have to spend an additional year in school.
    • Fewer students can be served by institutions with limited capacity—advising, parking, dormitories, etc.
    • Dropout rates are higher for students who take fewer credits.

    (Complete College America, 2013)

  • Take 15

    With public colleges and universities requiring (120) credit hours to attain a Bachelor’s degree, completing 15 credit hours per semester is required to graduate on time and saves students and their parents additional costs for tuition, fees, housing, and meal plans.
    Graduating on time means students can begin working and accumulating wealth earlier. By finishing on time, students have more options: more career opportunities, competitive salaries, better benefits and security
    Earning a degree pays, and earning it faster means making more money over the span of one’s career.
  • Complete 15

    According to Complete College Georgia, Georgia ranks 31st in college completion with an average rate of 56.7 percent of its students graduating in 6 years. For every 50 students who enter a Georgia Associate’s Degree program, only 11 will graduate in 4 years. For every 50 students who enter a Georgia Bachelor’s Degree program, only 28 will graduate in 8 years.

    Did you know that out of 100 students who enroll in a public college or university?

    • 32 attend a 4-year public college as full-time students. Of these, 26 will return to college as a sophomore, and just five will graduate on time (in 4 years) while 11 will graduate in six years and two in eight years.
    • 40 will attend a 2-year public college as full-time students. Of these, 27 will return to college as a sophomore, and just one will graduate on time (2 years) while four will graduate in three years and two in four years.
    • Students who have a plan to earn 15 credits per semester are more likely to complete college on time, earn better grades, and have higher completion rates than students who are not on track to graduate on time.
    • * Source: Complete College America.

    Within 4 Years


    Full-time students
    Associate’s Degree


    Part-time students
    Associate’s Degree

    Within 8 Years


    Full-time students
    Bachelor’s Degree


    Part-time students
    Bachelor’s Degree

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    Dean of Student Services
    Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston Campus
    Elizabeth Thornton
    Interim Director of Faculty Advising
    Associate Department Chair English
    Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston Campus


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